Water Meter Solutions

By installing metering or demand taps in high volume areas for example schools, factories, prisons, mines or any other ablution facility where washing up facilities require proper water management a metering tap is the ideal application.
A metering tap only allows a pre-set amount of water at a time and shuts off on its own therefore eliminating the worry of taps being left on unnecessarily and wasting water and money.

We offer prepaid water meters that are an ideal unit for rental properties, whether it is an existing or new installation in domestic homes, cottages, town house units, flats, shops or factories.

The good news is that we can install more than one meter per property and tenants can buy their water almost anywhere! Being easy to use for both tenants and landlords saves time and worry over bills for all. This, combined with affordability and convenience, have made our prepaid meters the first choice of landlords and property managers across Gauteng. Other areas may be considered on request, or on a self-install basis. Say goodbye to disputes with tenants over electricity and water consumption. We have the solutions you have been looking for.

When choosing to install prepaid water meters through AG Group, you can be sure that you will be getting a high quality product as well as extensive support.

It is also very difficult for tenants to judge their water usage, while in hotter parts of the country, watering gardens and mismanaging swimming pools can lead to excessive use. A prepaid water meter will ensure that the tenant remains within their budget, and prevents any large and unexpected utility bills at month end. Added to this, tokens for our meters are easily purchased via an online portal, or at retail outlets around the country.

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