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Grease & Oil separator services

Grease is one of the main causes of blockages, backups, and overflows in a wastewater collection system. Grease hardens when cooled down, and can block up your drainage systems and cause overflows and sewage problems. Grease traps are therefore, put in place to capture most of the FOG's (fat, oil & grease) before they can reach the sewer systems. The grease trap will reduce, if not eliminate, the build-up of FOG's in your sewer system.

AG Group Services and Maintenance, specializes in all cleaning and pumping services with thorough removal of grease, water and solid accumulation from the grease trap system as well as any unpleasant odours.

AG Group Services and Maintenance's skilled technicians wil scuff away grease deposits and make certain that all waste is completely pumped out. By regular servicing you can prevent solids, grease, fats, and oils from contaminating your outbound lines, causing unpleasant smells, and old grease build up which causes costly problems.

Hydro Jetting pipelines clean the interior walls and eliminate waste build up that may have accumulated over time.
AG Group Services and Maintenance utilizes a large range of high pressure water jetting equipment to carry out the removal of accumulated deposits and silt.

Our experienced operators will ensure that your drains are kept clean and in perfect working order, ensuring your business' daily operations aren't affected by any blockages.

High Pressure drain jetting.

We have a wide range of high pressure jetting equipment which is utilized to sanitize tanks and eliminate all traces of bacteria.

We supply the most effective range of grease trap dosing pumps and enzyme treatments for all sizes of grease/fat traps.

Our services include:
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Monthly maintenance contracting
  • Supply of fat trap systems
  • Installation of systems

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