Talk About Things That Can Ruin Your Day!

A blocked sewer or drain can be messy…and that's on a good day.

If extensive enough, the blocked drain problem can cause water and structural damage to your home and property, and that can add up to a significant repair bill. And suddenly, it's a REALLY bad day.

In a nutshell, we are all the sewer and drain cleaning company in Boksburg you'll ever need. Not just the people who finish what other people started. More importantly, we're the people who get right the first time, so there doesn't HAVE to be a second.

Drain Cleaning Services in Boksburg for your blocked drain:
We know that a blocked drain can be a headache. It can disrupt your whole family routine and create an extremely unpleasant environment in your home. At AG Group Plumbing services Boksburg we give blocked drains high priority. Our team have loads of experience in drain cleaning services and no job is too difficult.

Causes of blocked drains?

A drain can be blocked by foreign objects or debris such as hair, soap, fats, foods and sanitary item, or it can be blocked by heavy rains and storms that leave behind dirt, leaves and other such mater. Incorrect pipe installation (not done by us!) and broken pipes can also stop water flow.

Why choose the team at AG Group Plumbing for Drain Cleaning Services in Boksburg?

At AG Group Plumbing we have a simple process for drain cleaning in Boksburg, allowing you to save money, and letting the process run smoothly so you can get on with your life:
  • Call one of our friendly customer service staff to book a time that is convenient for you and fits in with your busy schedule.
  • One of our plumbing experts will arrive at your Boksburg home to inspect your blocked drain, and locate the blockage quickly and efficiently using the state-of-the-art tools.
  • You will then be given a fixed quote with no hidden fees that is also competitive. On top of this AG Group Plumbing offer a pensioner's discount, we stay true to our mission of being the little guys that help the locals.
  • If you decide to go ahead with the drain cleaning project in Boksburg, our plumbing professional will get your blockage cleared quickly and efficiently, allowing us to save on layout and save you money. Furthermore, our plumbers are clean, and will not leave you with a big mess to clean up afterwards.
  • Your blockage is now clear and you can get on with your life, with minimal disruptions to you or your family.
For extreme drain cleaning cases in Boksburg we also have emergency services, where you can call us any time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to have an expert come to your Boksburg home and help you with your problem.

If you have a drain blockage that's annoying you and is tricky to fix yourself, then call us today and one of our drain cleaning experts will be on the way.

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