Commercial Leak Detection Services

Commercial leak detection requires a different approach to residential leak detection and repair services. At AG Group Plumbers, we have been supplying industrial leak detection services for more than two decades. Our team of industry experts know what is required to provide an excellent and value-adding service to our valued clients.

We are passionate about our industry and about the services we offer and we work hard to lead our industry in excellence and offer true value for money. Using the very latest and most cutting edge industrial leak detection equipment and technology, we are able to provide leak detection services above ground, pinpointing the exact spot of the problem.

Minimal Terrain Disturbance thanks to Cutting Edge Industrial Leak Detection Services

One of the many reasons AG Group Plumbers has grown into the leading water leak detection company in Johannesburg is because of our cutting edge approach to industrial leak detection. Our technology allows us to perform leak detection above ground, detect the exact origin of the problem and only excavate a small portion of the terrain.

This is already a great step forward compared to only a few decades ago. Now there is no more need to excavate large portions of your plumbing and pipes system to detect and identify the problem, leading to far less disturbed terrain which might have potentially disrupted your business operations.

To learn more about our industrial leak detection services and find out why AG Group Plumbers is considered a leading water leak detection company in Johannesburg, simply contact AG Group Plumbers today.

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